Using Core Indicator, Disinfection, to Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus in South Sudan

Aniwe Group of Companies follows the international core indicator, disinfection, directed to eliminate infectious pathogen like Coronavirus within ecological system in South Sudan.

Aniwe team on standby to spray a flight at Juba International Airport. Photo: Aniwe Group of Companies.

Juba, South Sudan – It is evident that South Sudan’s health system is on brink with only 40 percent of the people in the country accessing health care according to the Ministry of Health. The number of health professionals in the country is not enough to handle emergency cases like the Coronavirus pandemic. In 2017, there are only twelve nurses or doctors and pharmacists per ten thousand people in the country. That means, if the Coronavirus spreads into other states of the country, it will definitely put lives of many South Sudanese at risk of dying because of limited health facilities. South Sudan currently stands at over 1300 confirmed positive cases of Coronavirus mostly in the capital Juba.

Aniwe Group of Companies launched a campaign to support the Ministry of Health and other actors in preventing the spread of the Coronavirus in South Sudan. The company as a private entity is disinfecting Juba International Airport (JIA), busy areas such as markets, churches, trucks at the border points, public and private vehicles to prevent the spread of Coronavirus in South Sudan.

Disinfection is core indicator directed to eliminate infectious pathogen within ecological system. That means Aniwe’s disinfection work at Juba International Airport (JIA), entry border points and busy places in South Sudan is international standard strategy used for controlling highly infectious illness like Coronavirus.

At Juba International Airport, the response team spray and sanitize the arrival terminals and departure terminals including shipments. The company’s response team also makes sure that those arriving at the airport are screened, put on masks and gloves before leaving the airport. The target is, all areas that attract a lot of people are disinfected. Aniwe Group of Companies technical team spray and disinfect about 30 flights every day. The company owns advanced and sophisticated equipment that mixes the right quantities of chemicals for spraying, disinfection and fumigation, a sure way to have a result.

Engaging others to create awareness on how to prevent the spread of Coronavirus in South Sudan

Aniwe advocacy team, Agele Kennedy Jose aka #AKJ (left) and Madam Bena Mark (right) after Radio talk show at UN Radio Miraya. Photo: Aniwe Group of Companies

In addition to this, Aniwe response team hires experienced doctors to discuss and educate the public on the national media like the South Sudan Broadcasting Cooperation- Radio and Television, The UN Radio Miraya in the country. The aim is to send massive message on how to prevent the spread of the diseases.

Aniwe uses the youth voice, music art to create awareness in the country.  One of the youth voices working together with Aniwe Group of Companies is popular artist, Agele Kennedy Jose aka AKJ contracted to sing a song on how to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. The song has versions in English, Arabic and Bari for people to easily understand the Ministry of Health and WHO measure put to prevent the spread of the disease.

Aniwe Group of Companies is a South Sudanese owned company established in 2013 and has employed more than one thousands locals. The company provides professional agronomic, pest management, warehousing, cleaning, transportation, clearance and forwarding/cargo storage services in East and Central Africa.